Inspirational Card Collection I

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Quotes stuck to the walls of my bedroom motivated me to live outside of the safety of my comfort zones. Maya Angelou inspired me to write, whilst Kwame Nkrumah inspired me to explore Africa. The words of Nelson Mandela inspired me to push through fear to find success, and The Word filled me with grace and gratitude.

Be inspired to live your best life.


- Two-toned coloured cards (vary per theme)
- Quotes are available in four themes: African Proverbs, Gratitude, Grace & Inspiration.
- 10 inspirational quote cards with illustration detail
- Including beautiful butterfly envelope
• We are an Eco Friendly company and use recycled paper across all of our collections.

PLEASE NOTE: ORDERS BETWEEN 2ND JUNE - 6TH JUNE may take up to 7 working days to deliver. Orders outside of this time should arrive within 3 working days.