Mama We Made It!

Hey You,

If you've read any of my journal you know that despite the journey to keep Gazelle London going was by no means easy. But we are still hear, still striving and expecting is going to be a year of great things for us and for you.

We started the year on a great note, and it's important that as you follow the journey of our challenges you always get the opportunity to celebrate the small (and big) wins.

[insert image of vision board]

For two years I have had in my Wanderlust vision book (Hyperlink to wanderlust journal) images of small, work spaces that I hoped would represent the Gazelle London HQ that I dreamed of. When I say there is power in writing, envisioning, I mean it.

It's with great gratitude, that I can announce we have a first dedicated Gazelle London HQ (that isn't in somebody's garage!) Having a dedicated studio space to create, produce and cultivate products and tools that we hope adds value to your life brings a new vigour to what we are already doing, and what we expect to do in the future. Our team is growing, and we are excited to see the plans God has for Gazelle London unfold. 

I say all the above to say, no matter how big or small, believe in your ability to receive your dreams. "Write the vision and make in plain that all who see it may run. If it seems slow, wait for it. it will surely come it will not delay" 

- Habbakuk 2:2-3

Until next time,

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