Where it all began...

Hey You,
It's been two years since I decided to take a leap of faith and start Gazelle London. I still can't quite believe it.


I frequently get asked why I am so passionate about journaling, and how life led me to Gazelle London. I have a simple answer. One that may seem lacking  or 'whimsical' to others, but is the most honest... the most apt... even in its simplicity.

"I have seen the power in writing down the words that play on my heart."

It's been twenty-one years of journaling. Twenty-one years of seeing the words I struggled to voice, go from being scrawled across an empty to page to manifesting in real life. It's taken pouring over old journals and diaries to realise that some of the naive hopes I had held had actually come true! The worries I nursed had become insignificant, and that life had continued to progress despite its challenges. I have read with pride as my fears, which did not completely disappear, were faced head-on as I endured challenge after challenge.

Had I not written in journals, and kept my memories in a safe place, I would not have been able to accurately map out how I became the woman I am today. Or the woman I will become tomorrow...

The words whispered in your head at night, those dreams tucked away in some recess of your mind... they hold power. I'm so glad I wrote them down, and kept them in a safe place. So that when I am old and grey and my memory cannot serve me its best, I can sit with grandchildren and take them on the journey of my life.

Until next time,



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